Since the Center’s last newsletter, the corona virus has escalated to a pandemic. In Washington, gatherings of over 50 people are prohibited, schools and universities closes, bars and restaurants closed. This is a difficult time for any business and the co-op community is coming together to support each other. NWCDC sent out a statement on March 13 with some initial actions. Since then, we have taken the following steps:

  • Created space on our website for National and Regional resources.
  • Provided a hold on rent to our tenant: Capital Homecare Cooperative
  • Postponed the Homecare Co-op Board training.
  • Transitioned the 2020 Co-op Academy in Mt. Vernon to an on-line format.
  • Delayed Marketing Symposium to August and September.
  • Provided relief to borrowers from the Revolving Loan Fund. This will place a 90 freeze on payments and accruing interest.
  • Working with CoSound, an Oylmpia based cooperative network, to convene co-op leaders in Washington to develop support and advocacy strategies.

We will continue to advocate for our cooperative community and assist in creating strategies for mutual self-help.