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More than a business. . . .

Co-ops are more than a business. Cooperatives are membership organizations organized around values, ethics, and principles. The Co-op Enterprise Model combines purpose, values, and principles through being people-centered, jointly owned and controlled, and democratically governed. 

We help people come together and create new co-ops. Some examples include caregiver-owned cooperatives such as Capital Homecare Co-op.

Any existing business can convert to cooperative ownership (these videos discuss the different aspects of how this happens). 

The majority of our funding comes from grants and donations. We also provide fee-for-service. If you would like to support our work, we can accept donations on-line or by mail (see below). 

We provide direct technical assistance, but also provide general education. Use this interactive to learn more about the cooperative principles and how they create a cooperative difference. 

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NWCDC operates ROC Northwest as one of its major programs. ROC stands for Resident Owned Community and NWCDC partners with ROC-USA to the homeowners in manufactured home parks collectively buy the land underneath their homes and operate the park as a housing cooperative. It is one of the most effective forms of affordable housing in the country. Washington is home to over 20 parks. 

NWCDC serves the Pacific Northwest States of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. We work in rural and urban communities and provide support for all types of cooperative businesses and democratically governed businesses: agriculture, retail, grocery, services, and more. If it is a business, it can be a co-op! 


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