Strengthen Your Co-op

Strengthen your cooperative’s democratic governance through training:

  • The role of member-owners
  • Board of directors responsibilities
  • Leadership development
  • Financial management

Strengthen your cooperative’s relationships with other cooperatives.

2019 Conferences

Oct 2-4 Co-op Impact Conference (Arlington, VA)

Oct 18-20 Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy (Baltimore, MD)

NovĀ Home Care Cooperative Conference (Dulles, VA)

Nov 15-16 Union Co-op Symposium (Cincinnati, OH)


Measure the Cooperative Advantage

Your measure your finances, but how about your principles? Social audits provide a means to build integrity with your mission and values. The Coop Index provides a means for worker coops to obtain a detailed analysis of the coops ability to meet its non-financial goals.


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