Worker-owned cooperatives are successfully providing home care services and growing their futures as cooperative business owners.

Baby Boomers Driving The Industry

Every day and estimated 10,000 people in the US reached the age of retirement. As the Baby Boom generated moved into their senior years, they will need support to age in place. This has created a huge demand for home care workers across the country.

Millions of Americans rely on home care workers (home care aides, personal care attendants, personal assistants, nursing assistants, and others) for help with essentials like getting out of bed, getting dressed, and getting to work or to church.

Cooperatives are a source of quality care and, for the worker-owners, a source of work improvements.  Through the ownership of their cooperatives, the workers are addressing issues of low wages, poor benefits, and insufficient training.

Co-ops in Our Network

NWCDC assisted the startup of five home care cooperatives:  Circle of Life Cooperative in Bellingham, Peninsula Home Care Cooperative in Port Townsend,  Capital Homecare Cooperative in Olympia, Ridgeline Homecare Cooperative–all in Washington State. NWCDC has also assisted other homecare cooperatives such as Paradise Home Care Cooperative in Hawaii and provided guidance to groups in New Mexico, Texas, and New Hampshire.

Cooperative Development Foundation Home Care Initiative

The CDF Homecare Initiative    provides ongoing training and support for caregiver co-ops throughout the United States.

Home Care Information Sessions

In July 2019, NWCDC’s Deborah Craig delivered a talk about homecare co-ops in Okanogan County, Washington. Listen to the recordings:

Session 1:

Episode 2

Caregiving Co-ops in the News

Methow Valley News: Caring for the Caregivers

Methow Valley News: Circle of Life: An Established Caregiving Co-op that Works

Case Studies

For more information, contact NWCDC by email or call (360) 943-4241.



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