Twisted Strait Fibers


Our Mission

Optimize local resource management of fiber production and create high quality, regionally branded merchandise to support the local fiber community.

Watch a brief documentary about our efforts

In the fall of 2015, Pacific Northwest Fiber Web worked with Spirit Vision Films to document the efforts and vision of the fiber network on the Olympic Peninsula.

Project Summary

PNW Fiber Web began as part of a development of an Olympic Peninsula fibershed, providing fiber growers and artisans an economic return to help sustain their small farm wool raising and crafting traditions. The board is currently working on a feasibility analysis and business plan to begin operating a full service fiber mill on the Olympic Peninsula by 2020.

In 2017, a membership drive brought over 50 members into the cooperative. Currently, efforts are underway to create a commercial website for members to market their products and offer scouring services for fiber.

The group began operating Twisted Strait Fiber Cooperative in 2017. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information including events where you can meet with the board members and join the cooperative.

Find us on-line at

Find us on Facebook at Twistedstraitfibers.

Board of Directors

Twisted Strait elected its first board in 2018 replacing the steering committee/incorporating board. The board of Twisted Strait always welcomes people interested in helping this project move forward. If you are interested in helping by either serving on the board or working on a project, please contact Marcia.

There is plenty to do from outreach to current members, recruiting new members, and building the Twisted Strait Fibers brand and image in the community. Many hands make light work!

Population & estimated number of people served by the cooperative  

This project is driven by the Pacific Northwest Fiber Web cooperative, formed to build a fibershed on the Olympic Peninsula.  The concept of the fibershed is to create a networked local textile culture, enhancing regional agriculture while strengthening local economies. This effort comes from a 2012 gathering when 40 people met to explore ideas for developing a fiber economy.  The entire population is expected to benefit including its wool growers, artisans, and related businesses.  The 2010 U.S. Census estimated the population of the Peninsula at 489,232.  The 2007 Ag Census identified 111 wool production farms within the region.

If you would like to join the process or be on our mailing list, please contact: Marcia Adams, 360-297-4485,

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