2020 Co-op Heros

We want to acknowledge the following people who have supported co-op development in 2020 with a donation to NWCDC:

  • Big Bend Electric Cooperative

  • Laurel  Boyajian

  • Rebecca  Brunn

  • Grace  Cox

  • Deborah  Craig

  • Shevanthi Daniel

  • Michael Elkins

  • Chris Enges

  • Buell  Felts

  • Russell Fox

  • Robert Gottlieb

  • Erin Hancock

  • Ken Hart

  • Mary Hoyer

  • Kristy Keeley

  • Mo Manklang

  • J McKeegan-Jensen

  • John  McNamara

  • Shawn Nagano

  • Quentin Phillips

  • Renata Rollins

  • Catherine Statz

  • Alexandra Stone

  • Charles  Tanner Jr.

  • Deborah Wege

  • Deborah Wiese

  • Jingtian Yu

  • There are another 15 heroes who have chosen to remain anonymous and we thank them as well!

You can join our list by supporting us at our Network for Good site


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