We thank these donors for their support of our work with cooperatives!

Scott Armstrong, Group Health Cooperative

Sandy Bishop, Lopez Community Land Trust

Jan Boldt

Paul & Martha Bradley

Sheila Brewington

David Carrier

Michelle Carter, Darigold, Inc.

Carol Coren

Dan Coyne, WA State Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Dan Coyne, Coyne, Jesernig, LLC

Val Donato, OPEP

Virginia Elandt

Karin Engstrom

Christine & Sam Garst

Diane Gasaway, NWCDC

William & Barbara Hutchison

Christopher Jennings

Mark Johnson

Rae Levine

Virginia McCabe

John  McCulley, Professional Administrative Services, Inc.

Miles & Elizabeth Merwin

Susan Moore

David Proudfoot

Gerald & Patricia Reiss

John Eric Rolfstad

Maura Schwartz

Art & Alice Siegal

Leslye Teuber

CityBikes Repair Shop

Manufactured Housing Community Preservationists

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