Grace Lee, a Master’s in Public Administration Graduate student at The Evergreen State College, has been researching limited equity housing co-ops, housing land trusts, and the opportunity to purchase law in collaboration with NWCDC.   Grace recently wrapped up her final capstone project where she coordinated a community forum on creating an opportunity to purchase ordinance in Olympia.  Such an ordinance would give tenant organized co-ops, and other eligible organizations a first right of refusal in purchasing their housing properties when they come up for sale.  This would change the landscape for affordable housing preservation and housing co-op/land trust development in Olympia.  Grace has created an open-source website and youtube presentation that will be used as an educational tool to support the progress of an opportunity to purchase initiative in Olympia.  We think you will enjoy her 20 min presentation and project website which presents her compiled research.  We thank Grace for her dedication to this ongoing work which will aid us in our advocacy efforts moving forward.

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