Today is #GivingTuesday.  These funds will be more regional to our entire service area of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Please consider making a gift on December 1st. We would also love to share your story on how NWCDC has helped your co-op or your community.

2020 continues to be an epic year for the Pacific Northwest. The pandemic, wildfires, increasing effects of climate change, and social unrest over the treatment of indigenous and people of color in our society have created a new sense of what “normal” should look like when our region emerges from these struggles. At NWCDC we have seen a three-to-four fold increase in the number of requests for technical assistance. There is a sense the new normal will need cooperatives more than ever.

When you help create us create more co-ops and help existing co-ops improve, it is not just a gift to us but to the communities of the Pacific Northwest which build more resilient economies through the cooperative model.