• Our mission

    The NWCDC works to foster community economic development through the cooperative business model.

    The NWCDC logo features twin pines, a symbol used by North American cooperatives to mark the mutual support of people helping people.

  • Establish your co-op

    • Feasibility Assessment/Analysis
    • Organizational Development
    • Cooperative Education
    • Business Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Market Research
    • Board Training
    • Grant Writing

  • Strengthen your co-op

    Democratic goverance and support from other cooperatives is essential to any co-op. We can help strengthen:

    • Member participation
    • Oversight by the Board
    • Your co-op’s role in the broader community

  • Expand your co-op

    To succeed as a strong business, co-ops need effective operations and sound financial management. We can assist with:

    • Business planning
    • Financial management
    • Operations assessments
    • Strategic planning
    • Personnel recruitment


  • Support Co-op Development and Our Mission

    Donate NowYour tax-deductible donation will help us continue our mission to foster community  economic development through the cooperative business model. You can earmark money to specific projects or provide general support to assist the creation and further development of cooperatives throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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