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NWCDC offers unmatched expertise in cooperative development, guiding new and existing cooperatives from the early planning stages through to successful operation. Their comprehensive services include essential education and targeted technical support, ensuring that cooperatives are well-equipped to meet their unique challenges and opportunities.

Co-op Academy

The Co-op Academy at NWCDC is an immersive educational program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful cooperative enterprise. Participants learn from seasoned experts in a range of topics, including cooperative principles, business planning, and governance, ensuring they are well-prepared to launch and sustain their cooperatives.

Homecare Co-op Workshops

Are you interested in a unique work opportunity? Are you a caregiver interested in opening a business with other caregivers?

Learn from experts in the field about starting a homecare cooperative from licensing and goverance to branding, funding, business planning, to marketing and launch. In each session we will walk through the steps it takes to get a home care cooperative off the ground and rolling!

Homecare Co-op Workshops

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The Cooperative Principles

The Cooperative Principles training offered by NWCDC delves into the essential ideological and operational foundations that distinguish cooperatives from other business models. This training video provides participants with a deep understanding of cooperative values and practices, essential for effective governance and member engagement.

Sustainable Cooperative Development Certificate

Taught through Evergreen State College’s Professional and Continuing Education department, this certificate program will introduce you to the history of the cooperative movement and provide the foundational skills required to build a socially successful, environmentally sustainable, and community-invested cooperative.

You’ll learn how to develop a cooperative enterprise, including
establishing a business plan, recruiting members, and use analysis and development tools.

In partnership with Evergreen State College’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change and the NWCDC.


  • Remote learning
  • Weekend synchronous classes
  • Enroll directly into the certificate without being an admitted Evergreen student
  • Earn a credential and 16 college credits
  • Earn your certificate as a standalone credential or apply credits towards a degree later