Start A Co-op

We understand the mission of starting a new co-op. But we also understand the challenges. As is the case with any new business of any type and structure, the co-op start-up process can be challenging. It’s important to know that some will not succeed.  


In our experience, we’ve learned the following variables and factors make a successful start-up process and successful new co-op:

  • A strong, cohesive team
  • A business idea that has been reviewed and scrutinized for market, operational, and financial feasibility, and has a thoughtful and complete business plan behind it.
  • A governance structure that will allow for democratic participation but is not overly complex and process intensive. Co-ops need capable and effective leadership.
  • Adequate capital to get up and running and have enough time to get enough revenue for operational stability
  • Clear and organized systems for financial management, sales, marketing, operations, and administration
  • Adequate and effective education and training to successfully onboard the first group of non-founder members

For most start-ups, we anticipate for a long term (2 to 4 year) partnership. Some projects move remarkably fast, but others face a slower timeline.


Some of our technical assistance tools include:

  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Cooperative Education
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Board Training
  • Grant Writing

Let us know about your project
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