Complaints are often seen as an issue of accountability and discipline, but rethinking them as part of an overall marketing strategy can help a co-op better align operations to customer expectations. This webinar will examine complaint management as a marketing tool, the value of loyal customers, how to respond in a way to builds loyalty, and create the complaint process as a means of engaging the co-op identity. Participants will also receive practical tips on how to be an effective complainer!

This presentation is funded in part through the USDA Rural Development program. While there is no cost to attend, we encourage urban participants to donate in order to offset some of the costs not covered through the grant.

Presenter: John A. McNamara

John is a Senior Cooperative Development Specialist with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center. John has 26 years of practical experience in the worker cooperative world with Union Cab of Madison. John holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and a Masters in Management: Cooperative and Credit Unions from Saint Mary’s University (Halifax). At Union Cab, John spent 12 years in charge of managing and responding to complaints and worked to create a more dynamic response process that reduced complaints by 50%.