• When it comes to cooperatives, we can help!

    • Cooperatives are a successful business model serving communities in this nation and across the world.
    • NWCDC helps people build business ownership, sound management and economic health.
    • NWCDC is supported through fee-for-service income, grants and donations.

  • Our mission

    The NWCDC works to foster community economic development through the cooperative business model.

    The NWCDC logo features twin pines, a symbol used by North American cooperatives to mark the mutual support of people helping people.

  • Establish your co-op

    • Feasibility Assessment/Analysis
    • Organizational Development
    • Cooperative Education
    • Business Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Market Research
    • Board Training
    • Grant Writing

  • Strengthen your co-op

    Democratic goverance and support from other cooperatives is essential to any co-op. We can help strengthen:

    • Member participation
    • Oversight by the Board
    • Your co-op’s role in the broader community

  • Expand your co-op

    To succeed as a strong business, co-ops need effective operations and sound financial management. We can assist with:

    • Business planning
    • Financial management
    • Operations assessments
    • Strategic planning
    • Personnel recruitment


  • Incubate Your Coop!

    officeNeed a Room of Your Own?

    We have a 170 square foot office (12.5′ x 13.5′) available for rent. Shared amenities include a conference room, kitchenette, elevator access and furniture. The $400 rent includes cleaning services and supplies for the common areas and all utilities. Phone and internet not included. For more information or to view the office, contact us.

  • Own the Change

    Our friends at TESA and Grit.tv have produced a great mini-documentary on worker co-operatives. Check it out. Interested in forming a worker coop or helping your current worker coop develop new skills? We have staff with extensive experience in worker co-operatives to assist you.

  • Cultivate Cooperative Roots Conference

     colorlogo_june29Spokane, WA

    February 5-7, 2016

    1. Build cooperative business skills to support successful ventures
    2. Nurture strategic alliances and strengthen relationships between participants with support of access to local foods as a common thread between co-op sectors.
    3. Celebrate successful examples and learn from other cooperatives.

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 265
Olympia, WA 98507

(360) 943-4241
(360) 570-8415 (fax)
info @ nwcdc.coop

Physical Address:
407 4th Ave E Suite 201
Olympia, WA

Facebook: nwcoopcenter

Get Involved


NWCDC was instrumental in assisting residents of Hidden Village manufactured housing community save and purchase our community as a co-op. If they hadn’t, our community would have closed. Since purchasing, NWCDC has continued to assist our Co-op in operating our community the way we want it.


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