“Who’s Watching Me?”

Though increasingly feared as an unsafe place to tread, everyone agrees, the Internet is a necessary evil for life in the digital age. The data you create in mobile apps is mined, analyzed, and ultimately sold to tech giants who continually exploit consumers through monetization tactics. It’s an infringement of privacy. A new company gives control back to the data owners who should have had it all along. Welcome to ZeroDark.coop. Built for the people, the cloud-based co-op universe is a place where, every time someone dares to venture online, they don’t become an unfair game for the sharks in the water.

“ZeroDark joins a growing number of platform co-ops forming across the internet,” said John McNamara, a co-op developer with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center in Olympia, WA., “the co-op values and principles bring a new level of ethical business practices to an industrial better known for being the ‘wild, wild, west’ and this will empower communities to have greater control of their economic destiny.”

ZeroDark.coop provides a new kind of cloud. Owned by its members, the co-op gives users ownership and control of their own newly-protected, private data using zero-knowledge encryption. Apps achieve zero-trust by encrypting data the users themselves sync before any of it ever leaves their device. Only users, and the people they choose to share with, will have data access. Even ZeroDark.coop’s server can’t decrypt the objects, or the metadata users sync to the cloud.

Vincent Moscaritolo, the co-founder of the ZeroDark Cooperative, said of the launch, “The climate has never been better for a product like this. Consumer sentiment surrounding privacy invasions is somewhere between offended and inflamed. And tech giants have never been more despised. We’re offering a real solution. Not just a tech innovation, but an innovation in business structures. A tech co-op that is owned and controlled by normal users just like you. You don’t just own your data – you own the company.”

Easy for individual and enterprise app developers to use ZeroDark.coop, now privacy-focused products can be built in an ecosystem that guarantees data security even after perimeters or access control systems have been bypassed by hackers.

For more information, visit https://www.zerodark.coop.

About ZeroDark Cooperative

ZeroDark Cooperative was founded by Vincent Moscaritolo and Robbie Hanson. Moscaritolo pioneered technologies for secure messaging and email as co-founder of Silent Circle and Principal Crypto Engineer at PGP, Inc. Hanson is an AWS, Sync, and Blockchain expert and a top 100 Github Star.

Their advisors include the well-known cryptographer and ACLU senior technology fellow, Jon Callas, and Phillip Dunkelberger, the President & CEO at Nok Nok Labs, who has more than 30-years in cybersecurity experience. Lastly, TK Eppley also brings his leadership experience gained during his career as a cybersecurity executive and a United States Navy SEAL.