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NWCDC is devoted to assisting new and existing cooperative businesses in every sector with a special emphasis on Resident Owned Communities, home care agencies, and converting existing businesses into worker-owned or community-owned cooperatives. 

The benefits of working with us

NWCDC offers unmatched expertise in cooperative development, providing essential education and technical support from inception to operation.

Through its revolving loan fund and partnerships with co-op centric lenders, NWCDC equips cooperatives with the financial resources needed for startup and growth.

NWCDC champions a commitment to community by promoting inclusivity and equitable development, ensuring the cooperative model benefits a diverse range of traditionally under-served populations.

Meet some of our co-op clients

Start a co-op

Education and Technical Assistance

NWCDC educates public entities and community institutions about cooperatives while also providing technical assistance for cooperative launch and development.

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Strengthen your co-op

Financial Assistance

Through operating a revolving loan fund and partnering with other co-op centric lenders, NWCDC facilitates the development of cooperatives by providing necessary financial resources.

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Strengthen your co-op

Cooperative Academy

An educational initiative that offers training and development to ensure the success and sustainability of cooperative enterprises.

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Sell your business

Cooperative Conversion Support

NWCDC assists in converting traditional businesses into worker-owned cooperatives and manufactured home parks into residence-owned cooperatives, promoting community stability and resilience.

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