NW Co-ops Seeking Assistance

Pacific Northwest Co-ops Need Your Help!

We know that many co-ops are struggling right now due to reduced hours and staffing related to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are making a list here of co-ops and their donation pages (just click on the logo). If you cannot afford to give directly, please share their cause on your social media sites.

  • Capital Homecare and Ridgeline Homecare need funds for increased costs due to new work requirements (personal protection equipment) as well as helping caregivers get through a challenging time of reduced hours (and pay) while still being available for work.
  • Le Voyeur is an “event space” that was closed by Governor Inslee’s Executive Order. They still need to cover “fixed” costs and will likely loose a lot of inventory (food and beverages).
  • Burial Grounds began operations on March 3, 2020. The closing of food and beverage locations along with reduced foot traffic in downtown Olympia meant that they can’t make enough sales to justify being open. They also have fixed costs and trying to keep their 9 member co-op together through the pandemic response. They have three ways to help:
  • Orca Books is in the process of converting to a community (multi-stakeholder) co-op. They will need help to pay movers, but are also in the position of needing to keep staff and store their inventory during the pandemic response. 
  • New Moon Café is currently closed and seeks either donations (see below) or you can purchase gift certificates for when they reopen.
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