Executive Director – Northwest Agricultural Cooperative Council (NWACC) Response Deadline – December 22, 2017


Northwest Agricultural Cooperative Council (NWACC) is a newly-formed trade association representing agricultural cooperatives in Oregon and Washington. NWACC was created by the merger of Agricultural Cooperative Council of Oregon and Washington State Council of Farmer Cooperatives. The new association is anticipated to have 35-40 agricultural cooperative members and as many as 20 associate members.

NWACC is seeking candidates to be considered for the position of Executive Director. This is a part-time contract position, generally considered to be a halftime appointment.

The successful candidate will have association administrative experience, or equivalent administrative experience, to perform the following duties and responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Director of the Northwest Agricultural Cooperative Council (“NWACC”) is the coordinator of activities and the custodian of the interests of the members of the NWACC.

  • The Executive Director shall have the responsibility of managing, supervising, and directing the business affairs of the NWACC to the end of carrying out its goals and
  • The Executive Director shall perform all services connected with, requested by, and required by the Board of Directors, including the preparation and mailing of necessary correspondence on behalf of the NWACC, organizing, programming, and promotion of the cooperative industry in Oregon and Washington, coordination and cooperation for the annual meeting of the Northwest Regional Cooperative Institute (NRCI), arrangements for Board meetings and other requests that may be made to handle the daily operations of the
  • The Executive Director will have responsibility to manage lobbying contracts with advocates in the states of Oregon and Washington, as directed by the Board of In this context, manage means to ensure accurate disclosure filings and the legal operation of NWACC’s lobbying program, coordinate with lobbyist(s) to communicate issues of import with the Board of Directors and members, and other such responsibilities as approved by the Board.
  • The Executive Director shall attend the appropriate symposiums, meetings, and workshops as held from time to
  • Upon request of the Board of Directors of NWACC, the Executive Director shall attend other such meetings and conferences relating to the purposes of the Attendance of meetings outside the region shall be determined by the Board of Directors in cooperation with the Executive Director.
  • The Executive Director shall coordinate state association policy and program as needed with national and regional cooperative
  • The Executive Director shall communicate to the officers and Board, members and industry, the status and results of the association
  • The Executive Director shall execute all events and educational activities as directed by the Board of
  • The Executive Director shall maintain accurate financial records for
  • The Executive Director shall seek grant opportunities to secure funding for NWACC programs
  • The Executive Director shall provide clerical, secretarial and business management services to the
  • The Executive Director shall serve as an ex-officio, nonvoting member of the Board; and
  • assure Board compliance with association bylaws and articles and an accurate recording of association business for permanent files; assure necessary preparation for meetings of the Board.
  • The Executive Director shall undertake those necessary duties as determined jointly with or by the president or Board in support of overall goals of the
  • The Executive Director shall maintain accurate accounting of all expenses related to travel, lodging, and meals for the The reimbursement of these items will be predetermined by the Board of Directors on behalf of the Executive Director.
  • The Executive Director shall maintain an established regular contact with the president, officers, and members of the Board and with committees and task forces on policy, programs, and issues as
  • The Executive Director shall maintain contact with local cooperatives and the general NWACC membership to the greatest degree
  • The Executive Director shall maintain relationships with other associations, allied industry, educational institutions and public service organizations as necessary to be in the best interest of the association and for the attainment of its

All of these responsibilities shall be carried out by the Executive Director to the extent possible within the constraints of the meaning of “part-time.”


 The Executive Director should first possess a philosophical commitment to basic cooperative principles and, ideally, would possess experience in articulating those principles and

  • The individual should have good communication skills and administrative experience and
  • Finally, the individual will develop and enhance cooperative educational efforts in the region and also coordinate with other state councils and regional cooperatives in educational

Books of Accounts

  •  The Executive Director shall maintain a complete and proper inventory and shall see that books of accounts are kept showing all receipts and expenditures, inventories, contracts, and correspondence.
  • The business office of the NWACC shall be subject to inspection by the officers and directors of the NWACC at any reasonable


  •  All monies received by the Executive Director on behalf of the NWACC are to be promptly deposited in such banks as may be directed by the Board of Directors of the
  • No expenditure shall be made from the funds that are deposited except by checks signed as provided in the procedures of the NWACC requiring the necessary signatures for
  • The Board of Directors shall set a limit of expenditures by the Executive Director that does not require prior Board of Directors

Annual performance appraisal

  • The Executive Committee will conduct a performance appraisal with the Executive Director on an annual basis. The Executive Committee will establish the
  • Objectives: The Executive Committee on concurrence with the Board will establish specific objectives and priorities to be completed by the Executive These will be established for a 12-month period, and the Executive Committee and Executive Director shall review on a quarterly basis progress toward completion and report same to Board.

Proposal Submission

Candidates wishing to be considered for the position of NWACC Executive Director, should submit their proposal, including anticipated compensation for the contract, and qualifications to Cindy Lyden, NWACC President, at

Proposals are due Friday, December 22, 2017 at 5:00 pm PST.