ROC NW Marketing & Acquisitions Specialist
(Manufactured Home Community Conversions)

Company Overview

NWCDC is a 501c3 non-profit that provides education and technical assistance to workers, producers, and consumers to support their efforts to start, support and/or expand cooperatives. NWCDC promotes cooperatives as a vibrant business model to address the economic and social needs of communities. NWCDC fulfills this mission by:

Communities throughout the Northwest are comprised of diverse people. NWCDC values and respects the identities of all. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all. NWCDC acknowledges that we will always have room to grow as an organization and as individuals in our understanding of racism and oppression, and commit ourselves to the ongoing alignment of our policies and practices to advance racial equity, inclusion, and freedom of expression.

Position Summary

The Marketing and Acquisitions Specialist identifies potential manufactured home community acquisition projects and oversees their purchase by resident cooperatives. This key position is within the ROC NW program, NWCDC’s largest and fastest-growing program, serving rural and suburban communities throughout Washington State and the Idaho Panhandle. This program facilitates the purchase of manufactured home communities by limited equity cooperatives comprised of the community residents. The ROC NW program is relatively young and has substantial potential for growth. The ideal candidate will have the experience and skills necessary to expand the deal pipeline and grow the position.

The Marketing & Acquisitions Specialist will work with a dedicated team of Cooperative Development Specialists who provide direct technical assistance to community resident owners. NWCDC is an affiliate of ROC USA, LLC that brings important capital and training tools to the program. In addition to undertaking the transactional aspects of marketing & acquisitions, ROC NW provides ongoing organizational and operational technical assistance for the length of the community’s loan. Currently, ROC NW has a portfolio of 16 communities now owned by their residents. Resident owned communities are a viable and growing force in affordable housing stabilization.

The principal task of the Marketing & Acquisitions Specialist is the preservation of manufactured home communities through resident-owned conversions. At times this person may also be involved in infrastructure project management, grant writing, advocacy, ongoing technical assistance, and in-fill.


Duties or Tasks Performed

Necessary Skill Set

  1. Experience in real estate sales, cooperative business structure, business start-up and development, manufactured housing, manufactured home communities, or related industries.
  2. Affordable housing development/transaction expertise, including financial analysis, financing structures, and contract negotiation.
  3. Entrepreneurial and organized, detail-oriented, able to plan and anticipate challenges.
  4. Committed to high volume, collaborative processes, projects and organizations.
  5. Understanding of and commitment to cooperative values
  6. Effective communicator who is able to connect with diverse groups
  7. Proven ability to learn quickly, process a lot of information, and apply it on the job.
  8. Comfortable working remotely/independently, using Cloud document management and database apps (Microsoft Office, Box, Salesforce, Asana, and Google Suite Apps)
  9. Personable and all-inclusive with the ability to manage social behavior for different groups; empathetic to the social needs of others; optimistic, tolerant and generous, willing to include levity and humor when necessary to balance competing needs.
  10. Team-oriented in the pursuit of solving problems and dedicated to building and maintaining a positive, preemptive and productive collaborative environment
  11. Optimistic and goal-oriented, organized and systematic
  12. Strong writing skills
  13. Able to travel and work some evenings and weekends; valid driver’s license necessary
  14. Spanish language fluency a plus


In accordance with Federal law, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. NWCDC is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

We promote economic prosperity for all through our work with our clients, our hiring practices, and or vigorous commitment to cooperative principles. We strive daily to acknowledge and eliminate all forms of oppression. By examining bias within ourselves and our organization, we work mindfully to make our board and staff more inclusive. We fight actively against racism, classism, gender inequality and all efforts to marginalize anyone. The nature of our work engages us directly with the working poor, the educationally disadvantaged, the elderly, immigrants, and refugees. It is our goal to see all of our clients prosper within the cooperative movement.

We welcome applicants from underrepresented identities and those who have a commitment and track record of bringing an inclusive and equitable approach to their work.

How to Apply

Submit the following documents in PDF form to

Deadline for applications is February 29, 2020