The Northwest Cooperative Development Center operates as a not-for-profit organization devoted to assisting new and existing cooperative businesses throughout the economic sector.

Our mission is to foster community economic development, primarily through the cooperative business model.

Where there’s development support, co-ops have a greater chance of succeeding and creating economic opportunities. The Center assists with development to help build business ownership, sound management, and economic health. The Center is supported through fee-for-service income, grants, and donations.

We work with all types of cooperatives and democratically-controlled businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. We specialize in resident-owned communities through our ROC Northwest program and have extensive experience with home care agencies and conversions of existing businesses into cooperatives. 

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PO Box 256

Olympia, WA 98502-0256

About Our Logo:

The “twin pines” logo is used by North American cooperatives. The pine tree is the ancient symbol of endurance, fecundity and immortality – qualities of the Cooperative movement. Twin pines mark the mutual cooperation necessary to the movement – people helping people. Their trunks and roots form the endless circle which symbolizes not only eternal existence, but the world, the all-embracing cosmos.
– James P. Warbasse, founder of the Cooperative League, USA

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