Northwest Cooperative
Development Center

Whether you’re in the start-up phase, working to grow and improve your existing cooperative, or considering converting your business to cooperative ownership, we have the co-op knowledge, experience, and tools you need.

Start A Co-Op

We can guide your through all the stages of the process from feasibility to structure & governance to getting up & running.

Strenghten Your Co-op

Resources & training to grow your co-op’s business and strengthen it’s operations & management.

Sell Your Business To Your Workers In A Co-op Conversion

A great succession plan… Sell your business and make it a co-op in the process with our guidance & support.

Enroll In Our Co-op Academy

From Brainstorm & Dream Stage to Shovel Ready in 10 Weeks. Our academy is for anyone that wants to start any type of co-op (workers producers, consumers, shared housing, etc.) as well as current members, workers, and directors of existing co-ops who want to learn more and help grow and make improvements.

An innovative curriculum that covers cooperative ownership, democratic management, and cooperative economics including:

  • The Co-op Identity
  • Business Mapping
  • Governing Documents
  • Finance and Equity
  • Business and Marketing Plan
  • And much More!

Starting & Strengthening Co-ops

We provide the tools and resources to help small businesses and cooperatives unlock their full potential. We provide comprehensive consulting services, workshops, and training seminars to help you both create and improve a successful and sustainable cooperative.

If you’re working to start a new co-op, we can help you go through all the stages: exploration, feasibility, structure, formation, and finally becoming operational and thriving.

If you’re an operating co-op already, we can help keep workers and/or members informed and educated which is critical to the long term success of a co-op. We can help ensure that the members understand their rights and responsibilities, feel empowered to speak up and make changes when necessary, and have the knowledge needed to understand financial information and reports on their cooperative’s operations.

Sell Your Business To Your Workers

Maximize your business strategy: Sell your business with expert guidance and seamless transactions. Unlock the true value of 
your business today!

Our approach to co-op conversions emphasizes transparency, leadership development, and fairness for workers. Our goal is for the organization to be a source of stable employment for decades to come.

  • Continuity and Legacy Preservation
  • Financial Incentives and a Dependable Buyer
  • Employee and Community Goodwill


Your generous contribution can make a huge difference in the lives of those we serve. Every donation helps us continue our work towards a better future.

Harnessing the Power of Cooperation!

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to provide the essential tools and resources needed to create a successful cooperative. We offer a variety of services, from training and technical assistance to access to capital and market opportunities. Our experienced team of professionals will guide you through every step of the process, from formation and growth to operations and success. Join us today and unlock the potential of cooperative enterprise!

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