Paradise Home Care Cooperative (PHCC), located on the Big Island, Hawaii, provides home care services to clients in their homes.

As a worker-owned cooperative, PHCC is owned and directed by the home care workers.  A Board of Directors elected by the member-owners oversees the business.

The Board of Directors has provided oversight resulting in steady growth from its modest origins of four clients and two Certified Nurse Assistants in 2010.  Paradise Home Care Cooperative addresses two major issues: quality care for clients in East Hawaii and a livable wage and benefits for the home care workers.

NWCDC assisted with the startup of the cooperative and continues its technical assistance today as the cooperative grows.  Paradise Home Care Cooperative is on the leading edge of worker ownership in this business sector, along with Cooperative Care of Wisconsin,  Circle of Life Cooperative in Washington State, and Cooperative Home Care Associates of New York.

In this photo, Paradise Home Care Cooperative Board directors and staff gather with Tracy Dudzinski (r), Board President of Cooperative Care and Board President of Direct Care Alliance.