#BuildCoops with Us!

Communities across the country are emerging from a long, harsh winter into a spring boasting a vaccine roll-out that’s bringing the possibilities of post-pandemic life tantalizingly close. But for over a year now, there have been calls to not go back to normal. The pandemic has pushed us to ask questions about who the economy is for, how we work, and how we can create communities that truly meet our needs. Now, we have a government that is echoing the calls for a new normal. The goal, they say, is to “Build Back Better.” Rebuild the middle class, support families, ensure economic opportunities for all, and move toward a green economy. To this, we say, “Build Co-ops!”

Co-ops provide essential services to people the private sector has left behind. They keep more wealth in the local economy. Co-ops can provide stable jobs that give workers a democratic voice in their labor. They can provide stable, affordable housing even in areas with a frenzied housing market. They give market access to those traditionally blocked out. They give back to their communities, provide economic opportunity, and promote civic engagement. Co-ops are the necessary tool to build back better. That’s why we’re asking you to help us #BuildCoops today. We’re building a base of 150 monthly donors. Will you be one of them?