Our Boards

NWCDC boards support our cooperative, each providing essential oversight, strategic guidance, and specialized expertise to help us achieve our mission and serve our members effectively.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is responsible for overseeing the organization’s operations and ensuring it adheres to its mission and values. They make strategic decisions, set policies, and provide guidance to management, representing the interests of the cooperative’s members.

Debbie Wege, Chair
Boeing Employee Credit Union

Ralph Honhongva, Vice-Chair

Martin Desmond, Treasurer
(ret’d OSU)

Paul Griffin, Secretary

Juan Aguilar

Katherine Minthorn-Goodluck
Intertribal Agricultural Council
Tammy Stringham
Lemhi County Economic Development Association
SymbiOp Cooperative

Advisory Board

Our advisory board provides expert guidance and strategic advice to the co-op’s management and board of directors. They offer insights and recommendations to help the cooperative achieve its goals, without being involved in the day-to-day operations or decision-making processes.

Dan Coyne

Kent Lopez
ret’d Washington Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Cindy Lyden
NW Farm Credit Services

Joel Merkel
Merkel Law

Dave Warren

Loan Advisory Board

The loan advisory board offers specialized guidance on financial matters, particularly regarding loans and credit policies. They assess loan applications, advise on risk management, and provide recommendations to ensure the cooperative’s financial stability and support its members’ borrowing needs.

Juan Aguilar
NWCDC Director

Eric Bowman
Kohala Center

Martin Desmond
NWCDC Director

Cindy Lyden
NW Farm Credit Services

Jane Walker
Olympia Federal Savings