Donations to the Cooperative Development Foundation’s Disaster Recovery Fund help cooperatives and their employees weather the impact of the COVID-19 containment effort.
The COVID-19 crisis impacts each cooperative, member and employee differently:
  • A North Carolina preschool cooperative laid off all its workers when schools were shuttered.
  • A New England worker-owned café faces declining sales.
  • A Washington State homecare cooperative struggles to restock masks and gloves needed to protect workers who serve vulnerable populations.
  • Across the US essential workers in co-op groceries and co-op utility providers continue to provide access to food and services that maintain modern life while facing daily childcare challenges.
With your support of the Disaster Recovery Fund, CDF will have the resources to evaluate and respond to the individual needs of cooperatives through the Disaster Recovery Fund online grant process.
Support cooperatives and their workers with a Disaster Recovery Fund donation to help cooperatives and cooperators bridge this time of economic shock.
100% of money donated to the Disaster Recovery Fund will go to support cooperatives. CDF does not charge an administrative fee for management of the fund.