A strong team of Cooperative Development Practitioners is ready to assist you. Skills specific to start-up and organizational business development include: feasibility research, business planning, financial management, communications, strategic planning and group facilitation.

All Center work is guided by the Madison Principles, professional standards set and agreed upon by co-op development leaders.

Diane Gasaway: Executive Director

Diane joined the Center in 2003 and together with the NWCDC Board of Directors has been responsible for building the Center into what it is today. Her specialty is in strategic planning, co-op education, co-op development, grant administration, and budget management for a multitude of projects. Diane has 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. She received a Master of Public Administration (with a co-op emphasis) from The Evergreen State College.

Eric Bowman:  Cooperative Development Specialist

Eric provides development support to cooperatively owned businesses. His role has included conducting feasibility analysis, facilitating strategic planning, developing pro forma financial projections and leading business planning. Generally, he advises and provides technical assistance to boards forming a co-op venture. Also, he provides management consulting to existing co-ops ranging from business analysis to executive recruitment. His focus has been on small ag and natural resources but also has worked on projects in commercial real estate, finance and retail. His agricultural co-op clients have included cattle producer co-ops, an irrigation co-op, a land leasing co-op, apple producer co-op, seed growers and a multi-farm CSA.

He’s the Board Chair of the Tulip Credit Union. As an extremely small financial institution, the credit union relies on Eric for multiyear financial planning and he’s brokered and conducted due diligence on investments. Eric earned a Bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College. His background includes owning a microbusiness, and ag education and animal husbandry for an agritourism operation.

Teresa Young: Organizational Development Specialist

Teresa joined the Center in 2005 after she facilitated NWCDC’s strategic visioning process as her thesis project for a Master’s program at the Leadership Institute of Seattle. She assists with group facilitation, strategic planning, cooperative education and training, visioning and leadership development.

Ben Dryfoos-Guss: Manufactured Housing Program Manager

Ben joined the Center in 2006 after a year-long internship in co-op development with the Evergreen State College. He values the core co-op identity, and sees a strong future for the co-op movement. Ben has provided valuable research support and administration to many of the Center’s projects. He is currently the Editor of the Center’s Connections newsletter. He’s Board Chair of South of Sound Community Farm Land Trust. He is focused on shared equity housing and specifically works in resident-owned, manufactured home communities and community land trusts. Ben also operates a freelance photography business, assisting community organizations become more sustainable by visually telling their stories.

John McNamara: Cooperative Development Specialist

John has almost 26 years of practical experience in the worker cooperative world with Union Cab of Madison where he served as a director for eight years and in management for over twelve (the last three as the General Manager). He has specific experience in marketing and strategic planning, governance models and human resources. John earned a Masters in Management: Cooperative and Credit Unions from St. Mary’s University (Halifax) in 2010 and continues working towards a PhD in Business Administration (Management) with an emphasis on worker owned business models. John is a founding member of the Democracy at Work Network and serves on its Board of Governors. He will be teaching a summer course on worker cooperatives at The Evergreen State College in 2014.

Deborah Craig: Cooperative Development Specialist

Deborah Craig joined the NWCDC in 2014. Deborah has over 20 years of experience in cooperative management, specializing in Human Resources in the Food Co-op and Home Care Co-op industries. She has a master’s degree from Western Washington University and is a peer adviser with the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

Bob Davis: Co-op Development and Governance Specialist

Bob views himself as a Midwesterner with a global perspective: a listener, questioner; with an eclectic approach and focused analysis; he seeks collaborative solutions though participatory decision-making; he is easy going, a story teller, curious, and challenges assumptions; he stands in awe of the universe, loves his family and friends; honors his weaknesses and strengths and tries to live in the moment.

Bob has organized co-ops and unions, lived in co-op housing, and served on co-op and community boards. He trained and worked as a chef in the UK, India, and Australia and owned and operated a country inn in the Columbia River Gorge.

Bob has honed his skills in co-op development, formal consensus decision-making, board governance, anti-oppression training, worker self-management, and open space technology. Bob is a professional member of the Democracy At Work Network.

Teresa Bielenberg: Executive Assistant