2018 Co-op Academy

2018 Co-op Academy

Own Your Future!

This 10 week Boot Camp will take you from the “dream stage” to “shovel ready”.

Weekly sessions to learn about cooperative ownership, democratic management, and cooperative economics including:

  • The Co-op Identity
  • Business Mapping
  • Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business and Marketing Plan
  • Governance Models
  • Co-op Financials¬† and Equity management

In addition to classroom activities, we provide support through coaching and technical assistance.

Tuition $25.00 per person

Class Details

  • Class Meet for about 3-4 hours per week. The day and time will depend on participants schedules.
  • Place to be determined but we expect it to be in the Port Townsend area. If there is enough interest, we may offer an on-line simulcast
  • Attendees expected to complete projects outside of class with in-class review.
  • Classes expected to begin the week of April 16th and run through the week of the June 18th.

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Total Enrollment will be limited to either 20 people or 4-teams.

We are looking for teams of people interested in starting a worker-owned and operated business. Requirements for participating:

  1. At least two people from the team must commit to attend the classroom sessions.
  2. Your team must have a unified business concept.
  3. Each member of your team must complete the application below ( or email information from form to Academy Administrator)

Application Deadline is March 31, 2018

2018 Co-op Academy Application

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