NWCDC has a strong team of Cooperative Development Practitioners ready to assist you and your cooperative. Skills specific to start-up and organizational business development include: feasibility research, business planning, financial management, dynamic governance (Sociocracy), accountability models, governance training, communications, strategic planning and group facilitation.

All Center work is guided by the Madison Principles, professional standards set and agreed upon by co-op development leaders.

Diane Gasaway: Executive Director

Diane joined the Center in 2003 and together with the NWCDC Board of Directors has been responsible for building the Center into what it is today. Her specialty is in strategic planning, co-op education, co-op development, grant administration, and budget management for a multitude of projects. Diane has 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. She received a Master of Public Administration (with a co-op emphasis) from The Evergreen State College.


John McNamara: Cooperative Development Specialist

John joined NWCDC in the Spring of 2014. John has 26 years of practical experience in the worker cooperative world with Union Cab of Madison.  John earned a Masters in Management: Cooperative and Credit Unions from Saint Mary’s University (Halifax) in 2010 and currently is a PhD Candidate in Business Administration (Management). As a student researcher, he assisted in the development of the Co-op Index Report, a tool for measuring co-ops against the values and principles of cooperation. John is a founding member of the Democracy at Work Network and US Federation of Worker Cooperatives. He teaches a summer course on worker cooperatives at The Evergreen State College and has served as Presidio Graduate School faculty for their Cooperative Management Certificate. John co-edited a collection of essays on measuring co-operatives available as a e-book at no cost from the Cooperative Difference.

Deborah Craig: Cooperative Development Specialist

Deborah Craig joined the NWCDC in the Spring of 2014. Deborah has over 20 years of experience in cooperative management, specializing in Human Resources in the Food Co-op and Home Care Co-op industries. She has a Master’s degree from Western Washington University. In addtion to working with NWCDC, Deborah serves as a peer adviser with the Democracy at Work Network. Deborah is also part of the first cohort of Democracy at Work Institute’s Fellows. Deborah specializes in home care/caregiver cooperatives as well as working with the ROC Northwest program.

Daniel Luis Arrañaga: Cooperative Development Specialist

Daniel joined NWCDC as technical assistant provider for the ROC program in the Fall of 2014. Daniel has 7 years experience working in the non-profit sector and was a co-founder and chair for a start up food co-op in Eastern Washington. Daniel spent over a year in West Africa (Liberia & Côte d’Ivoire) as Assistant Director for an International NGO, the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF), and now serves on the board of directors for the US Representation of WCF. Daniel brings with him much needed bilingual skills for working with Hispanic communities in Washington State.

Sam Green: ROC Program Director

Sam works with the ROC Northwest program help to navigate the successful conversion of manufactured home parks into resident owned communities. Sam is a graduate of The Evergreen State College.

Miles Nowlin: Cooperative Development Specialist

Miles arrived at NWCDC in 2017.  Miles has a background in experiential education, child and family advocacy, low income and affordable housing, nonprofit development with a focus on youth programing, and Spanish language.  Miles spent 5 years coordinating the Homeless Education Program in the Shelton School District in Shelton, Washington, where he provided direct services, trained school staff and collaborated with local agencies.  Much of his time was spent working with churches and community service agencies to increase and improve programing for children, youth and their families.  He co-founded the Mason County HOST Program, an education and housing support program for youth experiencing homelessness, based inside of CHOICE Alternative School.  Miles has coordinated over 70 weeks of outdoor/experiential youth education programs, in the in the United States and Latin America.  He has a bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College in Latin American Studies.

Cristina Klatovsky: Cooperative Development Specialist

Critstina joined NWCDC at the beginning of March, 2018. She works out of Yakima, WA and will primarily cover the Eastern Washington service area for the ROCNW program.  She brings to NWCDC over 20 years experience training diverse groups in shared governance, program management and conducting extensive community outreach throughout the area. Cristina is passionate about community engagement, facilitating trainings and presentations. As a certified Spanish/English Interpreter, she is committed to assuring opportunity to participate for all regardless of language. Cristina has hit the ground running, falling in love with every community she visits and looks forward to every bit of it.

 Joe Garrison: Cooperative Development Specialist

Joe signed on with NWCDC in 2017 on a part time basis. Joe helped found the Blue Scorcher Bakery and Cafe in Astoria, OR, a worker cooperative that models the use of Dynamic Governance in its decision-making.


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