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Our technical assistance supports clients from startup through expansion, and in a variety of cooperative businesses.  Here is a sampling of their references:

Northwest Construction Cooperative

“NWCDC has guided us through development of a loan application package, which more accurately portrays the growth our nascent co-op has experienced, both in the market place and internally. We are grateful for their assistance…Their familiarity with cooperative businesses…brings continuity and legitimacy to our combined efforts in this rural community.”

– Micheal Snow, Administrative Coordinator, signed June 16, 2016

Peninsula Homecare Cooperative

“NWCDC was an invaluable resource through the entire process of becoming a cooperative and continues to provide ongoing support – especially in the areas of administrative training and membership development and education.”                

      – Kippi Waters, PHC Administrator, signed June 16, 2016

Blue Scorcher Artisan Bakery

For years, the NWCDC has proven itself our first choice for help with issues related to our cooperative business model. We strive to be a vibrant and valued participant in our greater community, and the NWCDC helps make it possible. . . .The NWCDC has always come through in our times of need. They were there to educate new members, facilitate a retreat for potential members and helped us draft new bylaws as we reincorporated. On several occasions, they have come down to provide workshops and have even been participants at our coop’s retreat. We see the NWCDC as a key resource in our business’s toolbox for growth and success.

–Peggy Bondurant, Board President, June 18, 2014


Ellensburg Food Co-op

NWCDC has been integral to Ellensburg Food Co-op to complete our marketing analysis and business plan for our storefront. We could not have moved forward toward our current stage of development without her [Teresa Young’s] guidance and our new and developing organization could not have afforded this work elsewhere. Ms. Young’s organizational support, knowledge and experience along with others at NWCDC allowed us to be much more effective in accomplishing our goals and moved us toward our goal much faster.

– Karen Ingalls, volunteer, signed July 10, 2011

Hidden Village Manufactured Housing Co-op:

[NWCDC]…was instrumental in assisting residents of Hidden Village manufactured housing community save and purchase our community as a co-op. If they hadn’t, our community would have closed. Since purchasing, NWCDC has continued to assist our Co-op in operating our community the way we want it.

– Marjorie Neff, President, signed June 21, 2011

 Hawaii Cattle Producers Cooperative Association:

We have offered transportation and market services since 1984 to our 50 members and because it is important for us to be a leader and a dominant force in the livestock industry, we strive to work with partners that obtain high levels of expertise in certain aspects of our business. The staff at [NWCDC] has assisted our cooperative with technical assistance and written recommendations through a Business Management Operations Analysis and we found them to be very professional…We find this relationship to be of great assistance and would recommend and support them in any endeavor or projects and fully endorse their funding.

– Betty J. Spence, General Manager, signed July 7, 2011



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